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Give the exterior of your home a new look by installing siding. Restore a classic architectural style or create a whole new modern look with a beautiful exterior that will last a lifetime.

Beverley Hills offers a variety of colour options to match the personality of your home. Browse through our collection of siding options to find the product to best suit your needs.

Boost curb appeal with new siding and architectural details.

Vinyl Siding

Today’s solid vinyl siding holds up against salt, pollutants, extreme weather, UV rays and scratching or denting. With various different textures, styles and colours to choose from, this siding will appeal to every taste and fashion.

Double Cove

4” or 5” widths – Known as the “Dutch Lap” variation of clapboard siding. A coved profile to shed water without overlapping boards.


4” or 5” widths – The style of clapboard wood siding popular on early 20th century homes, using overlapping bevelled planks.


10” 12” widths – Choose tongue and groove boarding style or traditional board and batten. Create a distinctive country style house or use in select areas to add architectural interest.

Stone Panels

The look of hand-cut stone – perfect for interesting exterior accent.

Vinyl Shakes

The appearance of traditional cedar shakes with no staining or weather protection required – available in 4 distinct styles and various colours.

Eavestrough, Soffit & Fascia

Do away with relentless painting and maintenance by replacing your soffit and fascia with solid aluminum. It will improve water run-off, under-eave ventilation and add a new gleam to your home. And you will only do it once.

Architectural Details

Create outstanding curb appeal with distinctive maintenance-free shutters, window and door surrounds, dentil trim and detailed headers. A deep woodgrain look and detailed styling, without the bother of wood.

Get siding you adore.

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