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Eavestrough, Soffit & Fascia from Beverley Hills

Decrease those home maintenance duties by installing eavestroughs, soffits, and fascias. Avoid constant seasonal battle and protect your home against tough weather. Sit back and relax while our essential home add-ons complete the outdoor cleanup for you!

When it comes to replacing your eavestrough, soffit, or fascia, solid aluminum is the way to go. Tired of watching your paint peel? By improving water run-off and under-eave ventilation, this durable material does away with the need for re-painting and maintenance.

Add that finishing touch to your home and obtain optimal protection—no matter the season. Our sizable selection of finishes will be sure to match your home’s exterior decor. Curb appeal? That’s right! Enhance your curb appeal with eavestroughs, soffits, and fascias to give your home a polished and complete look.

Trust Beverley Hills Windows and Doors to find the perfect replacement for your exterior add-ons; they will reduce your outdoor upkeep and offer more time for you to stand back and admire the view!

A modern home with peach siding, eavestrough, and fascia.


Rainware is a functional way to guide rainwater (or melted snow) off your roof. Improve the longevity of your home by installing rainware—it safely guides water away from your home and out through your downspout. This feature will help remove the possibility of water damage to the foundation of your home.

This unique combination of function and architectural detail provides your house with a refined look and also keeps water away from your home!

Rainware Finish

Rainware Finish

Product styles and colour options may vary by product. For more information visit your local showroom or contact one our window experts today.

A close-up view of a brown soffit attached to an eavestrough.


In the summer months, our homes can easily overheat. Soffits help by providing proper air circulation for your home’s attic and upper levels. With increased condensation and moisture in the winter months, soffits reduce the amount of moisture on your roof (which proves to be damaging). There’s a simple solution to creating good airflow: invest in a stylish soffit.

Soffits are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and protect your rafters from the elements, which keeps your house breathing. Vented soffits allow for adequate airflow and circulation.

Soffit Finish

Soffit Finish

Options may vary by product. For more information visit your local showroom or contact one our window experts today.

A modern blue home with custom siding and brand eavestrough and fascia.


What is a fascia? A fascia is a long piece of aluminum that is placed horizontally along the bottom edge of your roof. Fascias are not only known as architectural components that cap the rafters’ outside edges but are, in fact, a visually appealing component. They provide your home with a polished look that also saves you time (since you don’t have to paint exposed wood). Fascias shield your rafters from the elements and are an integral piece of your home’s roofline.

Choose a style that best suits the exterior of your home today.

Fascia Finish

Fascia Finish

Options may vary by product. For more information visit your local showroom or contact one our window experts today.

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