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Fibre Cement Siding from Beverley Hills

When it comes to strength, fiber cement siding is all muscle. This siding is made up of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers that create a strong barrier on the exterior of your home. Innovation and industry expertise were combined to create this high-performance siding, which is resistant to extreme weather—and even flames! With fiber cement siding, you can expect lasting durability under tough conditions.

Fiber cement siding is known for its ability to keep consistent colour and texture over time. Celebrate your personal style by choosing a colour that enhances your home’s exterior features.

Beverley Hills offers a comfortable balance between good looks and affordability. Despite being all about power, fiber cement siding boasts a delicate, wood-like texture and gives a classic feel to any exterior. Find your favourite fiber cement look without all the hassle. We make siding shopping fast and easy.

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Fibre Cement Siding Features

Extreme Durability

Low maintenance


No staining or sealing required

Will not rot, fade or attract insects

A modern home with countrylane red fibre cement siding.

Fibre Cement Siding Colours

Have a specific colour pallet in mind? Let us help you attain your perfect outdoor shade!

Our fiber cement siding products come in a variety of different colour options to match the personality of your home. Whether you want an artic white or the vibrant and bold atumn tan, we can help you create an incredible exterior style.

Exterior Frame Colour / Finish

Arctic White
Autumn Tan
Chestnut Brown
Cobble Stone
Countrylane Red
Evening Blue
Heathered Moss
Iron Grey
Khaki Brown
Monterey Taupe
Mountained Sage
Navajo Beige
Timber Bark

Colour options may not be exactly as shown and vary by product. Ready to explore your options? Contact us or visit your local Beverley Hills showroom today!

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