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Triple Your $avings on Windows, Doors, and Patio Doors — with no minimum order size! It’s the perfect deal to help you get started on your home improvements this summer!

10% off when you buy 1-3 units. 20% off when you buy 4-7 units. 30% off when you buy 8 or more units.
A window, door and patio door by Beverley Hills.

... any combination of windows, doors and patio doors.

FREE Upgrades on Windows

We’ll help you make your new windows a future-proof investment with free upgrades to improve their energy efficiency, to help you save on rising energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint:

FREE Upgrade to Triple-Pane Windows

The third pane of glass adds an extra chamber to your insulated glass unit, for extra protection against temperature extremes!

FREE Low-Emissivity Coated Glass

Low-emissivity coated glass helps keep your home more comfortable by reflecting most of the heat back where it belongs — outdoor in summer and indoor in winter!

FREE Argon Gas Insulation

The inert, odourless, and colourless Argon gas is heavier than air, and significantly reduces the heat lost through your thermal glass unit via convection or conduction. It also offsets water vapour to prevent condensation and frost.

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Payment Plans Available for Any Budget!

Your home is quite possibly your biggest asset, and improving it better be done right. Financing is available, so you can perform ambititous home improvements without breaking the bank, and saving the budget for all of those important things in life.

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