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Consumers Choice Award 2014 Winner


A door is more than a place to enter, it can give your home a new design element. Beverly Hills offers customized doors to give your home character all while being practical. Take a peek at our collection of doors to find a style just right for you.

Designs are limited only by your imagination.

The simple sophistication of our door choices is not entirely about beauty, however. Energy efficiency, durability and maintenance are all considerations when choosing your new door. These doors provide the highest caliber of insulation, won’t fade, crack or dent, and can withstand all kinds of weather with virtually no maintenance.

Entrance Doors

Add charm and character to your home with our distinctive line of doors, garden doors or entire door systems, including sidelites, transoms and hardware. There are dozens of door colours to choose from for a custom match to your decor. Dozens of configurations are possible, depending on your choice of: Grillwork – pewter, brass, iron Shape of windows 25 different types of glass Number of panels

Patio & Garden Doors

Are available in standard or custom sizes with optional glass, grills, colour and hardware. Options include: Internal Grills Specialty trim Internal Blinds Tinted glass Decorative hardware