A Beverley Hills Background

Beverley Hills Windows and Doors was born 47 years ago from a desire to deliver homeowners with the very best in windows, doors and service, but it's the legacy we continue to create that we care deeply about.

Our aim to enhance your surroundings and elevate your impression of the home improvement industry is why we set high standards for your happiness and strive every day to meet them.

While where we came from is important, what we can achieve for each and every customer is something we can be proud of.

Be A Part of Our History In the Making.

Certified with Pride

May our credentials speak to our potential! We are honoured to be counted as a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Ontario Home Builders Association, and the Window Dealers Association of Canada. In addition, we're a dedicated dealer member of the Window Wise National Certification program and a registered ENERGY STAR Canada participant.

Custom-Made Creations

What's the true beauty of locally sourcing our highly-respected manufacturers? We're able to create customized products to fit your individual needs and offer years of maintenance-free and warranty-protected performance.

Unstoppable Service

Premium service is the kind that remains consistent well after a project is complete, and we believe everyone deserves this kind of quality treatment. Whether the job we work together with you on is big or small, we'll promptly respond and make any adjustments you find you need after installation.

Financially Flexible

Pay without worries when it comes to your window or door purchase. Beverley Hills offers competitive-rate payment plans and happily accepts your major credit card of choice. Great customer care should not come at an extra cost, which is why we'll work to meet your budget needs to keep you comfortable in your final decisions.

Unlimited Advice

Ask and you shall receive. You have industry-specific questions, and we have the intent to answer them in the most thorough way. Trust our professional guidance to get you to that perfect place of informed decision-making for your home improvement project.

Reputable Reputation

We've worked hard to accrue an admirable reputation and maintaining these superior standings is something we consider to be a natural passion. Every job we complete should result in your total satisfaction and we'll do what it takes to have you arrive at that happy place.

Windows and Doors: Your Home’s Way of Letting Life In.

Through the every day hustle and bustle that happens within your family’s four walls, sometimes all it takes is the sun’s rays peeking through the glass or a friendly neighbour’s knock to remind you to slow down and appreciate the bigger picture.

At Beverley Hills, we want to ensure the perspective you have when looking both in and out is always positive, which is why we offer flawless products with feel-good service.

We are a team of real people with real values, building real relationships with those that welcome us into their homes, wishing for a better view. Watch us as we install windows and doors, and naturally instill trust at the same time.

Beverley Hills… See Life A Little Differently With Us.

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