The Beverley Hills Fall Special is on!

Harvest the savings with 3 Free Upgrades on our windows and doors. It’s the perfect deal to add curb appeal to your home, and to bring it up to standards!

Zoomed-in exterior of large brick house with large windows. Blue overlay.

Free Colour

Choose a more refined look with Free Standard Exterior Colour upgrades on windows and doors.

Zoomed-in exterior of large brick house with large windows. Blue overlay.

Free Triple

Add extra insulation and indoor comfort with Free Triple Glazing upgrade on all windows.

Zoomed-in exterior of large brick house with large windows. Blue overlay.

Free Low-E & Argon

Boost the window energy efficiency with Free Low-Emissivity Coated Glass and Argon gas fill.

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Style? Priceless.

For a limited time, you can get standard exterior colour on windows and doors for free.

We like white, but it may take more than that to make your home really stand out from the crowd. Our windows and doors are available in a range of standard, durable exterior factory finishes that that can match any home. Add a touch of refinement with colour — while it’s free!

A large house lit up with large windows in a forestry setting.
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Triple Glazing

Now, you can get triple-pane insulated glass units in your new windows for the price of dual-panes.

Adding an third pane of glazing creates not one, but two layers of insulation in your window. It means less energy spent on heating and cooling, and more money saved for the more important things in your life. With energy costs outpacing inflation, jump on it while it’s free!

On a winter day, an exterior view of a large brick house with blue siding.
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Low-E and Argon

Boost your window performance with Low-Emissivity coated glass and Argon gas fill — for free!

Some details that you can’t see actually make a big difference. Low-E Glass reflects heat where it belongs — inside in winter and outside in summer, while blocking harmful UV rays from damaging your skin, fading your furniture and damaging your belongings. Replacing air inside your thermal glass unit with Argon, an odourless and colourless inert gas, reduces heat loss due to convection inside your window. It also offsets the water vapour that causes unsightly fogging and frost. For a limited time, get both Low-E and 95%+ Argon gas fill for free!

A mother and daughter play on a bed while the sun beams through the bedroom window.

From awning to slider and everything in between, our windows are custom built for every single South Ontario home. Beverley Hills' replacement windows are a future-proof investment — with best-in-class energy efficiency, latest window technology, superior build quality, and an unbeatable warranty, parts & labour — a value that cannot be beat!

Whether you’re starting a new construction project or looking for new replacement windows, Beverley Hills Windows and Doors offers any window you need. Our customization allows for even more variety with our window styles. We offer different colours, glass designs and hardware options to choose from when purchasing your windows. Explore our different window types today, and request a free consultation to customize your windows to your very own needs and styles!

Why Choose Beverley Hills Windows?

Our industry-leading, Ontario-made windows are among the best windows on the market today. All of our windows are CSA Certified and Energy Star® High Efficiency rated. Our installers are Window Wise™ certified to ensure that our windows exceed and outlive expectations. We also offer you burglary protection with our Protectolite glass option, which stays intact in the window frame when shattered, making forced entry virtually impossible. Finally, we offer you easy-to-clean glass where dirt rinses away without spotting and streaking when we put this special coating on your glass.

Replacement window factory in Ontario.

Well Built & Installed

Our Ontario-built windows are top quality. A window replacement should be a once-in-a-lifetime event, and that’s why our windows are made of the best materials, using the best technologies available, in state-of-the-art facilities, by industry vetereans. They are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed applicable building codes and are CSA and Window-Wise certified.

CSA CertifiedWindow Wise Certified Dealer

A living room with four large double-hung replacement windows.

Energy Efficient

From being early adopters of energy efficiency window technologies, such as warm-edge spacers, low-E glass, and argon gas, to launching our FibreCore windows, we put help reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and your very own Hydro bill. We offer Low E state-of-the art glazing, filled with argon or Krypton gas. Additionally, we add a WarmEdge Spacer system which dramatically reduces window condensation. Finally, our triple-glazing option offers the utmost in savings by reducing the costs of heating and cooling your home.

Energy Star High EfficiencyOur PVC replacement windows are Energy Star Most Efficient 2020

A window salesman speaks to a couple about their replacement window options.

Fully Covered

We are a Window Wise certified dealer. That means our installers are nationally certified in proper installation techniques to meet 25 criteria for quality and energy-efficient installation. Whether your project is new construction or replacing your windows, Window Wise randomly inspects our installations to ensure standards are being maintained and fully insures your window installation for 5 years, above and beyond our Beverley Hills Windows Lifetime Warranty.

Get Unbeatable Value on Top Quality Windows.

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