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Providing a clear view of the great outdoors, casement windows are highly sought-after and are hinged from the side and open outwards.

With a crank feature to open or close the window, you can allow that fresh breeze to enter your home without obstructing your view. As a bonus feature, many of our crank handles have the option to fold compactly against the hardware when they’re not in use—this comes in handy, especially if you want seamless operation of your blinds, as they will sit flat against the window jams.

Safety first! When engaged, our casement windows have a built-in safety feature which locks the window in place. This stops your window being pried open and gives you the flexibility to open the window when the weather is nice.

Casement windows are available in many sleek and professional designs, styles, colours, and materials. This means that you’ll be able to find a casement window that best fits your lifestyle and décor!

Casement Window Features


Great at Insulating Sound

Low maintenance

Leak-Proof Frame

Superior Energy Performance

Enviro Colour Coating

KeepSafe Glass

Long Life Span

A modern bathroom with coordinated coloured windows, window trim, and bathroom finishes.

Casement Window Colours

Over 78 Colour Choices!

Easily convey your home’s interior and exterior style by choosing a colour that accents your casement windows. With so many different options to choose from, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you like to show off your homes individuality or keep the decor simple, we have the right colour for you.

We’ve got the choices! With over 78 unique colours to choose from, the options are limitless.

Exterior Frame Colour / Finish

Canyon Clay
Chocolate Brown
Deepest Blue
Nature Green
Powder Blue

Interior Frame Colour / Finish


Colour options may vary by product. Visit a showroom near you, or contact one of our knowledgeable Beverley Hills representatives today.

Beautiful living room with large PVC replacement windows.

Casement Window Finishes

There are many customizable finishes available for your casement windows; all of which will add to your overall street appeal. Complement your home inside and out with some fresh, contemporary finishes. These custom finishes may be paired with another window style or can simply stay individualized! Choose between our standard selection and our large grille selection to complement your home’s architectural features.

Exterior Frame Colour / Finish

Encore White Window Handle Encore White
Encore Wicker Window Handle Encore Wicker

Finishes may vary by product. For more information visit your local showroom or contact one our window experts today.

 A large suburban home with replacement windows and a modern front door with glass insert.

Casement Window Grilles

Complete your modern look by adding some contemporary grilles to your casement windows. Express your style and create a distinct look from our large selection of interior grilles. Choose one that best suits your window décor today.

Grille Patterns

Double Ladder Window Grille Double Ladder
Double Perimeter Window Grille Double Perimeter
Empress Window Grille Empress
Ladder Window Grille Ladder
Perimeter Window Grille Perimeter
Rectangular Window Grille Rectangular
Triple Ladder Window Grille Triple Ladder

Grille Widths

Five Sixteenths Inch Window Grille 5/16"
Five Eighths Inch Window Grille 5/8"
Five Eighths Inch Georgian Window Grille 5/8" Georgian
One inch Internal Window Grille 1"

Grille Colours


Grille availability may vary by product. For more information visit your local showroom or contact one our window experts today.

Town homes with large casement windows and grilles.

SDL (Simulated Divided Lite)

Bring your casement windows’ design to life with SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) grilles. Although they may sound complicated, we guarantee that you’ve seen this contemporary design before! This modern spin on tradition gives the impression of many individual windowpanes without the noticeable seams and joints. Installing the grilles on the exterior of a single windowpane allows you to achieve that classic look while remaining cost-effective.

Exterior SDL Colours

Canyon Clay

Interior SDL Colours


SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) Width

Seven Eighths Inch Simulated Divided Lite Width 7/8"
One and One Quarter Inch Simulated Divided Lite Width 1 1/4"
Two Inch Simulated Divided Lite Width 2"

Simulated Mullion

Two Inch Simulated Mullion Width 2"

SDLs may vary by product. Looking to explore your options? Contact a Beverley Hills representative or visit your local showroom today.

Little girld looking out of a window on an overcast day.

Casement Window Glass Options

Although glass may look the same, not all glass preforms the same. When considering options for your casement windows, choose a glass that fits your climate accordingly. If you are located in a colder region, make sure to choose a glass with more insulation properties as well as different glass coatings with energy-efficient properties. Energy-efficient windows rely on adequate glass performance!

Glass Types

Bronze Window Glass Bronze
Frosted Window Glass Frosted
Glue Chip Window Glass Glue Chip
Grey Window Glass Grey
Obscure Window Glass Obscure
Pinhead Window Glass Pinhead
Sycamore Window Glass Sycamore

Ready to explore your options? Visit your local Beverley Hills showroom or contact us today!

Energy Efficient Glass

Here are some options you have to make you window system more energy efficient. Glass efficiency upgrades may vary by product.

Argon Gas

Argon gas is a non-toxic, odourless, clear gas that fills the space between panes of glass. This inert gas minimizes convective currents, which translates to a reduced chance of your windows collecting frost on frigid days.

Krypton Gas

Denser than argon gas, krypton gas is a slow-moving inert gas that prevents heat loss and provides optimal thermal performance.

Dual Clear Glass

This option consists of two panes spaced half an inch apart, with the air between the panes acting as an energy-efficient insulation barrier.

Low E

Standing for low emissivity, this clear coating works to reduce your home’s heat loss by, first, allowing outside solar energy in and, second, reflecting heat from your furnace back into your home. In the cold winter months, you may see the demand on your furnace reduced. When combined with dual or triple pane glass, low-e can offer up to 105% better insulation value.


Ideal for windows with high sun exposure, such as west- or south-facing windows, this high-calibre coating blocks out UV rays, light, and heat produced by the sun by using two layers of low-e coating. SunStop also provides top-notch insulation performance by limiting the effects of a hot or cold climate on your home’s interior space.

Triple Pane

Similar to their dual paned counterparts, triple pane windows have not two, but three, panes of glass spaced half an inch apart, which provides higher insulation value. This energy-efficient option can work to lower heating costs while limiting condensation. Triple pane windows are an exceptional sound proofing option, limiting outside noise and giving you added privacy.

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