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Spring Cleaning For Your Windows

Spring is in the air! You’ve cleaned your entire house, from the baseboards to the ceiling fans, but it still just doesn’t seem complete. When building your spring-cleaning checklist don’t forget to add spring cleaning for your windows from the inside and out!

Benefits of Clean Windows

Window cleaning may not be the most exciting task, however, there’s two main reasons to clean your windows.

1. Avoid Glass Degradation
Windows are an investment in your home. Hard mineral deposits and acid rain can negatively affect the glass in your windows. This will shorten the lifespan of your windows and will diminish the aesthetic view available to you

2. A Clear View
An obvious benefit to clean windows is the view! Getting rid of window stains, and any excess buildup of dust and dirt will improve the clarity of your windows, and bring more light into your home. Checking this off your spring-cleaning checklist is a great way to enjoy the beautiful sun!

Steps to Cleaning Your Windows

Step 1: Wash your windows with a strip applicator and a bucket of water with a small amount of dish soap – you don’t want it too sudsy! Avoid using a rag or newspapers to clean your windows as this method creates a static charge on your window which attracts MORE dust and dirt.

Step 2: Using a squeegee and starting at the top of your window, wipe away the soapy water. At the end of each stroke, wipe the squeegee off on a clean rag. Use an S stroke to avoid creating streaks.

Step 3: Use a damp chamois to remove any excess water at the edges of your windows.

Helpful tip: Prologue the life of your chamois by storing it properly. After use, wash the chamois in soapy water, rinse, and wring out the rag. Hang the damp chamois away from direct sunlight until completely dry. If stiff, try rubbing it against itself or across the edge of a clean dry surface to restore its natural softness!

If you think it may be time to have your windows replaced, contact Beverley Hills Home Improvements today for a free quote or stop into one of our showroom locations.