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Consumers Choice Award 2014 Winner

Window 101: Are all Low-E coatings the same?

Low-E coatings are microscopic, transparent coatings that boost the energy efficiency of glass with their reflective powers. By reflecting the interior temperature of your home, low-e coating is your thermostat’s partner-in-crime, reflecting cool air in during warmer months and keeping warm air in during colder ones.

There are two different types: passive low-e coatings (hard coat) and solar control low-e coatings (soft coat).

Passive Low-E Coatings

Ideal for cold Canadian winters, passive low-e coatings reflect interior heat but also allow the sun’s short-wave infrared energy (also known as heat) to pass through, working double-duty to keep your home warm and toasty!

Solar Control Low-E Coatings

Better suited for warmer climates, solar control low-e coatings have superior solar control along with lower emissivity, working alongside your air conditioner by reflecting cool air back inside your home and keeping warm air outdoors.

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