Thinking of putting your house on the market? Are you sick and tired of your home’s outdated exterior? Updating the colour of your entry door is an affordable and easy DIY trick to boost curb appeal and achieve a new, inviting feel for guests. If you’re not sure what colour is most suitable for your front door or how to decide from a large variety of colour options, here is a guide that can help.

Before you begin choose your colour and start painting, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

1. Choose a colour that complements your home

Bubble gum pink might be your preferred colour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice for your front door. Begin by picking a colour that complements the other tones, shades and the style on your home’s exterior. You can achieve this by selecting a colour that pairs nicely with the wood or brick of your home. We recommend experimenting by choosing a few colour swatches from your local paint store and bringing them home to see how the colours complement your home’s exterior look.

2. Choose a colour that is durable and will last for your exterior door

Choosing paint for your exterior door can be a more difficult decision than choosing a colour to paint interior walls. It is important to note that natural light can considerably change how a paint colour looks when it is completed. You may often feel that when selecting colours for an interior wall, colours can feel bolder than they truly are. When outside, paint colours tend to fade more and quicker, so the bolder the colour, the better!

3. Choose the right kind of paint

The type of paint you use strongly depends on the quality of your door. For example, it is not recommended using a high gloss paint on an older, damaged door. This is because the imperfections will be very evident. Really educate yourself on the different paint options in terms of matte, low-lustre and semi-gloss finishes, as well as the door’s materials before painting. If you are still feeling hesitant on the proper paint type for your door, contact a knowledgeable Beverley Hills representative or visit a showroom near you!

Now that we’ve covered a few housekeeping items, read on to learn how to choose a bold colour that will make a true impact!

Front Door Colour #1: Bright yellow

This might feel like the boldest and most daring colour to select, but in summer months it looks great with greenery and flowers. In the winter, it brightens up the gloomy grey days. Yellow can look warm and welcoming, and can reflect much more light than other colours. If yellow is your colour of choice, make sure that it’s bright tones suits your home and personal style.

Some yellow paint colour recommendations are:

  • Benjamin Moore: Stuart Gold
  • Sherwin Williams Classic Gold
  • Sherwin Williams: Bee (this is the brighter choice)

Front Door Colour #2: Burgundy/Red:

A red front door may seem overwhelming and slightly over the top when you're looking at different paint swatches, but don't be afraid of it! Red is a current trend that gains attention to a neutral exterior home. The combination of a neutral exterior a red accent door is considered a classic choice.

Some red paint colour recommendations are:

  • Behr: Licorice Stick
  • Benjamin Moore: Dinner Party
  • Benjamin Moore: New London Burgundy

Front Door Colour #3: Navy Blue

This deep blue tone can be rich and classic or fun and fresh depending on the shade chosen. Navy blue pairs extremely well with seasonal greenery such as: spring ferns or any choice of evergreens. This colour also works well and can create a statement with holiday décor (i.e., pumpkins for Halloween).

Some navy paint colour recommendations are:

  • Benjamin Moore: Hale Navy
  • Benjamin Moore: Newbury Port Blue
  • Sherwin Williams: Naval

Front Door Colour #4: Green

Green is an easy choice as it is described as the colour of balance and renewal. You do not have to fret that your green exterior door will be lost among your landscaping. Painting your front door green can bring out the various shades of green that are found in your landscaping.

Some green paint colour recommendations are:

  • Behr: Precious Emerald.
  • Sherwin Williams: Night Owls
  • Sherwin Williams: Rockbottom (This is a stronger striking colour)

Front Door Colour #5 – Black

Black is a bold choice and suitable choice to make a statement on a large or small home. It looks particularly fabulous when paired with white trim. Although black is a classic colour in the fashion world, it is not necessarily the right choice on every front door. Some houses can look too intimidating with a black door. These homes are typically the ones that do not have enough natural light around them.

Some top suggestions for black paint colours are:

  • Benjamin Moore Black
  • Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and
  • Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. This one is a slightly softer option.

Now it is time to try a new splash of colour to boost the curb appeal of your home and make it more welcoming. After all, your front door is your home’s first impression. Make it a good one!

Whether you want to customize your entry door to reflect your home’s features or showcase your unique personality, we have the colour for you. Choose from our wide-range of colour options and spruce up your entryway with a fresh, new shade! Visit a showroom near you, or contact one of our knowledgeable Beverley representatives today.

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