Bathroom windows face two major conflicts: light and privacy. The average bathroom is a small enclosed space, so it is essential that any bathroom window allows as much light as possible into the room to make it feel larger. Allowing light into your bathroom may mean that you must sacrifice privacy.

Below are several ways you can ensure that you are maximizing the space of your bathroom, while ensuring your family’s privacy.

Bathroom Windows

If it is time to replace your home’s windows, you may want to consider smaller windows that are set higher on the wall in your bathroom. Windows set higher on your bathroom’s wall will provide the highest amount of privacy while also allowing you to leave them uncovered to let light in.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows, commonly referred to as double paned windows, get their name from being constructed with two separate panes of glass separated by a small gap which is filled with a gas and sealed tight. The gas that fills the gap between the two panes of glass is typically argon, and serves as further insulation to ensure that you are not wasting excess energy heating or cooling your house from poorly insulated windows.

Window Treatments for Bathroom Windows

Once you have the proper windows to suit your bathroom and they are properly insulated, you need to find the perfect balance of light and privacy. Using different window treatments can provide not only privacy and light, but also add to your bathroom’s overall decor and style.

  • Frosted Windows - Applying an opaque frosting layer to your window will provide privacy and allow light to come through the frosting. If you have a bathroom with a wanted outdoor view, or just want to be able to see past the frosting, try frosting only the lower half of the window. This will provide a happy medium of privacy, light, and preserve your bathroom’s view.
  • Curtains - Using light coloured curtains will allow some light into your bathroom and give you that needed privacy. Curtains are easy to hang and allow you to match with your bathrooms colour scheme.
  • Blinds - These are the most common and easy fix. Lightly coloured blinds will allow a moderate amount of light into the bathroom, and will ensure privacy when closed.
  • Shutters - California shutters are a great way to allow the perfect amount of light into your bathroom. California shutters add an element of elegance to your home and also ensure privacy. An added benefit to California shutters is that they are easily cleaned and low maintenance.

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