Do you love the way vinyl windows function but not necessarily the way they look? No worries, vinyl variations are available, and they CAN be painted!

Once you’ve decided that you don’t want to actually replace your windows, you just want to change their appearance, then you should look into painting the frames. Finding the right paint and primer is a must.

Different paint brands have recognized the need for home improvement paints, you’ll want to look for the canned and spray paints or reflective polyurethane enamel, that actually specify being vinyl-safe.

While you can handle painting your windows yourself, it’s important to check with your window manufacturer about color recommendations for their brand of vinyl windows. For example, they may tell you to avoid dark colors if you have white windows to begin with because of the amount the paint will absorb. Additionally, there are some original colors that manufacturers offer, like dark greens, that they may recommend you don’t paint over at all. Check in with them first so that you can get an accurate assessment of how certain paint colors have worked with their original colors in the past.

Painting your vinyl windows is a serious DIY undertaking and it does take a very careful amount of effort to get a polished finish. Our strongest recommendation before you paint though is to connect in with your manufacturer and decide whether or not making a cosmetic change like this is worth voiding your warranty.

Come into Beverley Hills Windows and Doors today and browse the vinyl window colour options we have available so that you can have the colour you prefer from the get-go!

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