Well, spring has come at last, which means it has never been a better time to freshen up your home for the coming seasons. First, you’ll want to take the time to walk the exterior and wash the salt and dirt off of your entranceway, sidewalk, and driveway, sweep up old leaves and give it an overall "spring cleaning" like you would with the inside of your home. If you’re thinking your front porch needs some TLC, be sure to check out our article last year regarding curb appeal and your porch. But, if you’re looking for the newest trends in exterior décor, look no further – Beverley Hills lists the latest in enhancing your curb appeal.

Lighten Up

With the cost of LED bulbs dropping in recent years, brightening up your entrance way has never been more affordable – LED gives you more light for less, meaning more affordable hydro bills. Enhance your home with some bright light fixtures around your entrance ways, along the driveway, or in your garden to really enhance the look of your home. If you already have them – ensure you give them an inspection after winter - the glass may be dirty, filled with bugs, or possibly damaged. Give them a little love and boost the look of your home!

Pave the Way

Along with light fixtures, the weather can do numbers on your home’s driveway. If your driveway looks damaged and cracked, maybe this is the year to spruce it up and enhance your home’s look with stonework or a repaving job. If your driveway is in good condit n, but seems to be missing that certain something – bordering it with brickwork is not only simple to do yourself, it’s fairly cost effective and will bring a certain class to your home’s feel. The addition of an adjacent garden will encourage this feeling even more!

This Isn’t Your Garden-Variety Garden

A big trend among modern homeowners is updating the garden. While bushes and shrubs will always add interesting eye candy to your home, for real curb appeal you will have to step outside of the norm. Add pops of colour to your garden from sources other than flowers – brightly leaved ferns or shrubs, brightly coloured fencing, a deep red mulch – all contribute to an interesting feature for your home. Just like a brightly coloured front door, dots of colour along your exterior create focal points for the eye and add interest to the viewer.

Vintage is Always In

Just as retro fashion and interior décor is always in, so too is its exterior counterpart. When choosing accents to your exterior such as planters, light fixtures, mailboxes, etc – don’t shy away from some vintage appeal. Rustic lanterns, some "shabby chic" patio chairs, and a country porch swing add charm to your home without breaking your bank account. Find some items and re-purpose them for accent use: old jugs and boots make interesting planters, and a birdcage painted white can make quite the unique light fixture. Get creative!

Plant a Tree

If you have space, a new sapling can be a great addition to any home and a festive addition for Arbor Day! When choosing an ideal location for your future tree, consider not only the available sunlight and room the tree has to grow, but also how the tree will shade your home once grown – by giving your home a natural umbrella of shade, you can reduce cooling costs in the summer. Of course – you also lose out on some natural light coming through your windows as well, so choose carefully before digging.

We hope you learned some interesting ways to add your value to your home, and if you’re still hungry for more, there’s no better way to revolutionize your home’s feel than with a beautiful window transformation. Be sure to take advantage of our seasonal offers!

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