Let's be honest, the best way to fix a broken window would be to fix it. However, unless you are a window installation expert, there are a few steps you will have to take to get your broken window replaced.

1. Carefully Clean Up a Broken Window

If you've ever dealt with broken glass then you know it's like spaghetti sauce and somehow ends up everywhere. Start by securing a large perimeter around the area of the broken window. If you have kids or pets, this will be known as the adult only safety zone. Next you will want to gear up in protective clothing including safety glasses, long sleeve shirts and pants, thick work gloves and closed toe shoes with a harder sole.Once you're dressed for the part, you will want to collect several garbage bags and layer them one inside the other to prevent the broken glass from puncturing the bag during the disposal process. If you have spare newsprint or cardboard around, consider wrapping the bigger chunks of glass before tossing them. Once all the large shards are collected, do a thorough sweep of the area for any missed pieces. Next you will want to vacuum the area several times as small shards can be left behind. You will also want to wipe hard surfaces near the window with a damp paper towel to collect any stray microscopic pieces of glass.

2. Secure Your Broken Window Until Service

Depending on the time of day this incident happens you may need to temporarily secure the window until you can have a window service professional come in. Depending on the size of the window, nature of the break and the climate you live in, you may only need to do a small amount of work to secure the area. If It is a chip or small hole you can try temporarily patching the area with clear nail polish. For a crack, the most important thing is to stop the crack from spidering. You can do this using super glue and covering the crack with tape. If your whole window pane is broken you will want to secure the area with a tarp or piece of plywood to stop the external elements from entering your house.

3. Insurance Information

Whether a rogue tree limb caused the break during an intense storm or by a misdirected puck during a friendly game of road hockey, consulting your insurance company is a great next step! Your adjustor will be able to tell you the best course of action in repairing the broken window and jog your memory on deductibles. Knowing your coverage is the best way to make an informed decision on whether you will put the window cost through insurance or pay out of pocket.

4. Contact A Window-Wise Professional

Unless you're thinking of incorporating a broken window into a new design style, your next step will be to reach out to a window and doors company to repair or replace the window. Maybe you are just replacing the one, or maybe this incident has inspired you to do a whole home window replacement. Either way, our knowledgeable staff at Beverley Hills are here to help! ! Should you choose not to go through insurance, ask us about our financing options and payment plans.

When a broken window throws you a curveball, keep calm and reach out to us. We'd be happy to walk you through all the steps of a window replacement that fits your unique situation. Call us or stop by a showroom today.

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