Hmm, is it just us or is it feeling a little drafty in here?

If you're feeling the unwelcome breeze of the seasonal air making its way inside, there's an entryway in your home that isn't properly sealed. This means you're bound to be experiencing a low amount of comfort and a high amount of energy bills. Here are 3 tips to test your windows & doors for air leaks.

The Visual Test

Both the exterior and interior of your home are susceptible to draft-entry cracks, which may not only be letting in air, but compromising the integrity of your home and be a source of bigger problems in the future.

To find these openings, or spots where caulking has been applied improperly, scan these meeting points on the outside:

  • Chimneys
  • Siding
  • All corners
  • Faucets and air ducts

The interior points a draft may creep in through are:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Vents
  • Cable lines
  • Fans
  • Window frames
  • Doors frames

Simply use a 'look-and-feel' test in this case. Examine how these areas appear and whether or not it feels exceptionally cold when you hold your hand to them.

The Smoke Test

A smoke test is a surefire way to find cracks and leaks from the interior of your home, as the smoke or flame of a candle will very noticeably drift and sway if a breeze is present.

Follow these steps to properly perform the test:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are completely closed
  • Ensure all fans are shut off
  • Light your candle and hold it at the possible entry points listed in The Visual Test
  • Ensure that the flame stays straight up at these points. If it starts to become horizontal in the direction of the outdoors, a leak is present

Reminder: Sometimes a leak just exists due to dirt and grime build up. Ensure all door and window frames are free from debris to rule out that being the simple reason for a draft.

The Thermometer Test

An infrared thermometer is the most extreme but positive way to identify air leakage.

The thermometer will clearly show where the colder spots in your home exist so you can easily identify a fault in your frames or insulation.

Air leaks could either be easily fixed, or act as a larger sign that it's time to invest in new windows or doors. Splurging for new glass or frames might be daunting, but drafts actually represent the slow leak of money leaving your home as they quickly add up by way of outrageous energy bills.

If you know it's time for new windows or doors, visit Beverley Hills Windows and Doors today or give us a call at 1-800-263-4515 and we'll give you help you in making the right decision for the comfort of your home and family.

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