Also known as a peaked roof and easily recognized by their triangular shape, gable roofs are gaining even more popularity in modern home builds.

All roofs, even ones that look flat, need to include a slope so that snow and rainfall can drain off. Often included in a home’s design to provide more space for an attic or vaulted ceilings, the simple design of a gable roof makes it easier and cheaper to build than other, more complex home designs.

Think Beyond Basic Building Requirements

Gable vents have been used for centuries as a design accent and are normally installed near the peak of a roof in an area known as the gable.

Today, architects and builders have found ways to enhance gables with the use of architectural details and the incorporation of uniquely-shaped windows.

Looking to add some curb appeal? Gable vents can be the unique architectural upgrade you need to add character to your home.

Standard houses used to have two gable vents, but as home design evolves it is typical to see three or more! The exterior design and function of your home is important and the combination of gable roofs and gable vents can take your home to the next level.


  • Natural: Gable vents allow air to naturally enter and exit an attic and, when paired with another source of air circulation, can sufficiently vent an attic in addition to adding beauty to the exterior of your home.
  • Versatile: Installation of gable vents is easy on all types of exterior cladding including vinyl, wood, fiber cement, stucco, brick or stone.
  • Timeless: Gable vents work well in both new construction and remodeling applications.
  • Tough: Gable vents effortlessly protect against forceful wind, rain and snow.
  • Rot-Resistant: Gable vents play a role in minimizing the possibility of an attic fire, and protecting siding and roofing from rotting.
  • Shapely: Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, gable vents can make your peaks prominent and pretty.

A simple staple in exterior home design.

Quality gable vents, not to be confused with louver vents, are versatile and stylish and designed to protect vented areas from elements outside of our control.

The perfect way to finish off your peak.

When functionality is not possible, gable vents can be installed as an exterior feature, perfect for heightening and the illusion of more windows.

Beverley Hills Gable Vent finishes and styles vary. For more information, visit your local showroom or contact one our window experts today.

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