As the dreary winter continues with all sorts of weather patterns this year, the Pantone Colour of Year is a formidable counter: Greenery. Pantone describes greenery as “the colour of nature”, and is a vibrant yellow-green hue. Here are some suggested ways you can incorporate Pantone’s colour of 2017 into your home:

Rustic or Modern?

You might think that with a name like Greenery, the colour would be best used in a cabin or garden shed. But it’s quite the opposite. Although harkening to nature, Greenery’s yellow green tone brings vibrancy to any space, while also grounding it in nature. Pantone explains that as people become more engaged in modern life, they have an “innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world”. So don’t be afraid to throw some Greenery around your ultra -modern décor choices, it’s built to complement them.

Which Areas?

Because Greenery is a very vibrant colour while also bringing out the soothing qualities of nature, it is a great transitionary colour between colour palettes. Pantone has quite the collection of examples and what colours to complement Greenery with, so check it out here.

As a colour full of energy, Greenery is also best used in places that see a lot of activity whether physical or mental – such as the kitchen or the office, and we think it goes particularly well with spaces that have a lot of white or lighter tones already – like a splash of colour in a bright white bathroom.

Painting Decisions

You may be looking at Greenery and deciding it’s a little too bold to start painting a whole room that colour and dismissing it altogether – but don’t! One way you can incorporate the tone into your spaces is by choosing an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall in your home that is already the focus of a room – think a large beautiful bay window, or maybe the wall with your TV on it, or your picture collage. Choosing a strong colour for an accent wall is perfect to draw the focus to that wall even more.

A Different Way to Accessorize

The standard way to bring Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your home are through pillows or throws - which work well – but why not try something a little different? By bringing in lush ferns or tropic plants into your spaces, you can liven up a room without changing your pillow choices each year. A great option in the kitchen is to start those ultra trendy herb gardens – décor and function in one!

This can extend to your outdoor options too – why not subconsciously showcase the Greenery through an extensive garden or if you’re feeling really adventurous – painting your front door! (interested? Check out our blog on that too)

With a few additions to your home – such as plants, an accent wall, or tiny additions in your office, kitchen, or bathroom area, you can add vibrancy and natural elements to your home without redoing all the décor. Bring Greenery in, and see if gives your year that “inherent unity” we’re all craving.

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