How much do really think about your front door? With kids, housework, and day-to-day chores, your front door is typically not top of mind. Take the first step and bring your front door back to life with our simple DIY tips. Greet your houseguests with confidence and design a front entryway experience that you’re proud of! Nothing says, “welcome home” like a beautiful front door.

A front door plays an important role in the design of your home and is often the key ingredient to enhancing your curb appeal. Create a vibrant first impression with these door-refurbishing solutions to freshen up your front door.

Steps to Freshen Up Your Front Door

Flower Baskets.

Create a personalized flower basket for your front door. This simple DIY project will add warmth to your home. Place real, or fake, flowers in a woven basket and attach it to the door with a hook and wire. Switch out your flowers throughout each season to keep things looking fresh, and fabulous!


Re-painting your front door is one of the easiest ways to give your home a new look! Before starting, make sure to sand down your door and use a primer as a base coat. Once your primer has dried – you’re ready to start painting with exterior acrylic paint. Use this opportunity to pull colour out of your brick and driveway.


Create an amazing first impression! Doorknockers are a great way to keep your door clean and are a great way for guests to let you know they have arrived. There is something satisfying about a good door knock! Don’t forget about the small details (they really do make all the difference)!

Door numbers.

Door numbers can rust over time and can fade in colour. Whether you decide to replace or re-paint door numbers, make sure they are the right size for your door. The trend right now is to have clean and simple numbers.

Door Handles.

Is it time to change up your door hardware? Although very simple – switching out your old hardware can modernize your door and give you a personalized style. Whether you want large door handles or a simple door nob, this is a great finishing touch.

Door wreath.

Door wreaths are a ‘go-to’ for holiday decoration and can liven up the look of any home. Hang a homemade or purchased door wreath that matches your décor and the season. Whatever you’re looking for, make sure that the wreath works well with your home’s aesthetics.

Door Planning

Remember to pay close attention to the weather before starting a door renovation. After all, your door is outside and who wants to work in the rain? If you’re planning to refinish your door, make sure to give it enough time to dry before your family or guests start using it.

Of course – front doors do not last forever. Sometimes it may be better to replace your doors rather than refurbishing them. Beverley Hills Windows and Doors offers beautiful entryway doors that work well in any space. Visit one of our showrooms today and speak to our friendly representatives. They will help you choose the right door and have you walking away excited about the doorway that awaits you.

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