Installing bigger windows will not only make your room seem more spacious, it will likely have a positive effect on your household’s overall energy spending.

2016 has been the year of home renovations; one of the most dominant trends being the replacement or resizing of windows.

As we look towards a new year filled with even bigger, beautiful windows, we’re reflecting on the trends we’ve seen in Canadian homes throughout 2016 that aren’t going away any time soon:

Wider, uninterrupted views: More and more, homeowners are refusing to neglect the beauty of nature by installing large, energy-efficient windows that help protect it. Fixed and simply designed, Beverley Hills Picture Windows deliver a clear, unobstructed view you desire.

Vinyl: Add a new level of beauty and style to your home with vinyl replacement windows. Choose your design, your colour and an optional decorative element to reflect your personality. With the added benefit of natural air pockets, vinyl windows provide the perfect balance of beauty, energy efficiency and durability.

Tip: Vinyl windows are uniform from the surface all the way into the interior, making scratches less visible, perfect for growing families and pets!

Bold, colourful window frames: Coloured window frames provide homeowners with the perfect outlet to express their own personal style and add an extra punch to their curb appeal. Coloured window frames bring new life to existing brick structures and make a statement when paired with bold siding. Browse our 78 unique and beautiful colours.

Casement windows: Simple and streamlined is where it’s at. Celebrate your view with large casement windows, especially in living and dining areas. Hinged from the side and opening outwards, Beverley Hills offers these highly sought-after casement windows.

Tip: Large, clear windows create the illusion of depth by connecting a room to the outdoors. Consider Picture Windows if you don’t need the ability to open and close.

Low-E: Keep the cold air (and the hot air) inside with Low-E coatings. You don’t have to choose between being uncomfortable from one weather extreme to the next—Low-E glazing works well in all weather conditions, and on large windows, not allowing either to seep through the surface of the glass. Perfect for homeowners who are looking for year-round heating and cooling cost savings.

Argon Gas: Window installers have reported a high number of requests for double- or triple-hung windows insulated with argon or krypton layers between glass panes. Beverley Hills Windows typically treats its ENERGY STAR certified windows with Argon Gas, which slows drafts and reduces frost and condensation from gathering on the window.

Built-in shutters: Elegance meets practicality with Beverley Hills California Shutters. Combine traditional with contemporary by adding built-in shutters. Made from high-quality vinyl, our interior shutters are virtually maintenance-free and provide homeowners with full control over lighting and an element of cleanliness in any room.

Windows above windows: Like larger windows, homeowners are moving towards larger entryways. As part of this trend, large glass panels are being added to doors and homeowners are opting for the addition of a window on top of the door as well!

Tip: Ask your contractor about multi-window discounts.

Quality windows are an important investment in today’s real estate market. New windows protect you from intruders and the elements while increasing your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2016 Cost Versus Value study, homeowners get about 73% of their replacement window investment back when they resell the house.

Having trouble deciding where to start? Look inside your home first. Walk through your house one room at a time, decide where it might make sense to enlarge or replace a window, and complete your final evaluation from your home’s exterior.

Tip: Make sure to match the look of the original windows.

Visit your local Beverley Hills Showroom to talk to a representative about your window enlarging needs and our pricing structure.

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