Embarking on the journey of purchasing new exterior doors for your home can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. As such, we have compiled a list of common terms to help you begin the process by arming you with the industry vocabulary.

  • Entry Doors: Entry or entrance doors most commonly are referring to the wood, fiberglass or steel doors that would be found in the front entrance of your home.
  • Patio Doors: Typically patio doors come in either sliding formations or french door set up (which is also known as garden doors). This door type is primarily made of glass as to not limit sightlines to the outdoor living space of your home.
  • Storm Doors: This door type is installed in front of an entry door to further protect your home from the external elements and dually acting as an alternative source of ventilation in the warmer months.
  • Caming: Caming refers to metal banding joining together the pieces of glass within a design.
  • Slab Styles: This terminology refers to the unique detail on the slab of material that the door is made out of.
  • Glass Insert: A glass insert is a decorative element that you implement in your entry door to add unique personality and allows light to enter your home while maximizing on privacy.
  • Hardware: Whether it is for an entry, patio or storm door, the term hardware refers to the handle and locking mechanism of the door.
  • Sliding Door: A sliding door is also known as a patio door and got its name because it slides open and shut in a track.
  • French Door: French doors are compiled of a full glass insert in a door. Typically they are installed in pairs and serve to let copious amounts of light into a home.
  • Mullions: This term refers to the vertical bar between panes of glass in a door, or the vertical bar of material in a solid entry door.
  • Panels: The decorative term originated from a woodworking technique and refers to the decorative features of a doors construction.

While we are just skimming the surface, the above-defined terms are the most common terminology that you will come across when purchasing new exterior doors for your home.

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