When it comes to replacing your doors, size does matter. You don't want a door that is too big, and one that is too small just won't do. Follow these five ways to prep for replacing a door to ensure you get a door that fits just right.

Picture It

The first and most crucial step when measuring a door is drawing a diagram, or better yet, take a picture of the door from the exterior and print it off. This will allow you to visually (and accurately) indicate the appropriate measurements.

An extra tip: if you are drawing a diagram, make sure to label the hinges and door knob to ensure that you know which way the door hangs.

Let's Get Labelling

This step is more so an added extra, as we want to be as detailed as possible. Similarly to the above mention indications, you're going to label whether the door is left-hanging or right-hanging. Last, but definitely not least, you'll want to specify if the door swings out or in.

Measure Twice

In the home improvement industry there is a popular saying: "measure twice, cut once." While there will be no cutting involved, it's always better to measure twice - just to be sure! Keep in mind that you only need to measure the door itself, not including extras such as weather stripping, trim, etc.

What to measure: the height (from top to bottom), the width (from left to right), and the depth (thickness of the doors edge).

In a "jamb"

Let's move away from measuring the door itself. To have a well-rounded set of dimensions it is important to also measure the width of the door jamb. Now, you may be asking yourself "what is a door jamb?" This term refers to the wooden framework surrounding the doorway, to which the door is set into. When identifying these specific measurements you should stand facing the jamb itself and measure from the back of the interior trim piece to the back of the exterior trim piece.

Extra, Extra

You can never be too accurate when providing measurements! In this last step you will measure the height and width of the framed door space. As always make sure you aren't including any of the trim work.

Congratulations - You are now a door-measuring aficionado!

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