You’ve heard of Recycling, but have you heard of UPcycling? Upcycling is the process of repurposing an old object that may be ready for the landfill into something newly functional. If you’ve just had new windows installed, now is the perfect time to try your own DIY, upcycling project. Instead of throwing your old windows out, add a little rustic charm to your home by repurposing old window frames into decorative pieces.

Here are a few DIY projects that you can tackle to transform old windows into new creations.

1. Chalkboard

Who doesn’t love a chalkboard? It’s a designated place for writing messages, making grocery lists, and keeping track of weekly schedules – a great tool for keeping everyone in the family on the same page. To make a window frame chalkboard, paint the glass panes with chalkboard paint in the colour of your choice. It’s as simple as that.

2. Photo Display

Frame a collection of your favourite moments by using old window frames as a photo display. Use adhesive to place photos behind the window glass, or if the panes of glass have been removed, tie string between the frame in rows and hang photos using clothes pins.

3. Greenhouse

Save on groceries and increase your family’s intake of fruits and vegetables by building your very own greenhouse. To enjoy fresh herbs all year round, use small windows to create a miniature greenhouse for inside your home. Or, if you’re in the mood for a more advanced DIY project, use old windows to create the walls and roof of a large, outdoor greenhouse.

4. Room Divider

There are many different ways you can use old window frames to divide up an interior space while still maintaining a bright, open floor plan.

Try hanging a series of old windows from the ceiling to create a see-through wall. You can also make a folding room divider by joining tall, thin windows together with hinges. If you have access to a very large window frame, mount it in a doorway using sliding barn door hardware.

5. Decorative Headboard

Instead of a traditional headboard, try hanging several old window frames in a vignette above your bed. To create a cozy, cottage feel, give the frames a weathered look by sanding off the paint in a few places. You can also add wallpaper behind the glass to add colour and pattern to your bedroom.

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