With the summer heat fully settled in, you’ll want to keep it out of your home in order to stay cool and save energy. Here are 6 easy ways to beat the heat without blowing the bank:

Make Friends With Your Thermostat
Instead of overworking your thermostat by leaving it on a constant temperature, switch it to the auto setting - this will both keep your house at a consistent temperature and save you up to $25 a month in energy costs. If you want to cool your house, instead of blasting the air conditioning at the coolest setting, set the temperature between 78-80 degrees - lowering the temperature by just 5 degrees more can use up to 40% more energy!

Block Out The Sun
Activate your blinds, drapes, and shades! Closing them will not only keep the sunlight out, preventing it from heating up your home, but will also protect furniture and carpets from fading. Here’s an extra tip: white or light-coloured drapings will reflect heat and reduce heat gains by up to 33%, helping keep your home extra cool!

Turn It Off
Turn off and unplug all appliances that aren’t in use - lights, electronics, and appliances that are on or plugged in will create heat, raising the temperature of your house and forcing your air conditioner to work extra hard. By turning off your lights and unplugging, you’ll save on both energy and cooling costs!

Switch Your Ceiling Fans
Your ceiling fans should change along with the seasons. With the summer heat, adjust your ceiling fans to turn counter-clockwise - this will create a wind-chill breeze effect, keeping you cooler.

Seal It Up
Spaces and leaks around windows and doors will work against your cooling system. Invest in a bottle of caulk and seal up your windows and doors - this will prevent cool air from escaping and warm air from invading!

Invest In Energy-efficiency
Want more energy-efficiency? Consider high-performance doors and windows - their energy efficiency will help beat the heat and seal cool air in, resulting in long term savings!

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