The world 'vinyl' has gotten a bad rap over the years as it is often mistaken for being synonymous with 'vintage' or 'outdated'.

When it comes to windows though, vinyl is the contemporary material of choice making a world of difference in your home for a multitude of reasons.

Here are a few reasons vinyl is the way to go:

Outlast Power

Wood and metal windows are no match for the outlasting abilities of virgin vinyl windows. No deterioration or separation happens with the vinyl versions.

Easy Does It

Vinyl windows are always smooth operators. The sliding open and closed, up or down, will remain fairly effortless throughout their long lifespan.

Low Maintenance

Compared to wooden window frames that require intermittent refinishing and polishing, vinyl windows keep their fresh look for years without touch-ups or replacement.

Rot-Free Guarantee

It's easy for wood to wear away and rot, but there is no chance of this happening with vinyl. Moisture won't seep in compared to other porous materials so warping or discoloration won't destroy your fresh frames.

Seal of Approval

Once welded, vinyl frames and sashes are air-tight versus their metal and wood competitors that rely on no-guarantee caulking. No air leaks, no moisture, no problems.

Energy Advantages

Vinyl is a unique material that allows manufacturers to design easily for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Air barriers and extrusions that can be inserted in vinyl up the insulation factor and give you overall energy-saving advantages.

True Colours

The exterior of vinyl windows can be brilliantly coated in the colour of your choice! See the wide range of colours Beverley Hills has to offer you.

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