At Beverley Hills Windows and Doors – we want to help you cut costs, without having to cut quality! Before starting your next home renovation project, take a look at the Home Reno Rebate Program and see if you qualify. Currently, the Green Investment Fund is making it possible to save money on power bills and create energy efficient homes with up to $5,000 back in rebates!

How does the Home Reno Rebate Program work?

You are eligible for a maximum of $5,000 in rebates by outfitting your home with the right energy efficient renovations. Give yourself a head start by reducing energy costs and creating a healthy and comfortable home environment.

Top 5 Things To Know

  1. When completing a renovation, choose to heat your home with oil, natural gas or with a propane boiler/furnace. Unfortunately, if you choose to renovate your home with an electric heating system, you will not be eligible for this rebate.
  2. Another great way to qualify for a rebate is to have energy efficient insulation. For your top rebate dollar - you should consider having R23 basement insulation, R9 exterior wall installation, R12 attic insulation and sufficient air sealing. Beverley Hills offers energy efficient window installations that come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, sealed glass unit and hardware.
  3. An easy way to earn rebates is by upgrading your household features to Energy-Star models. Consider replacing your water heater, windows or doors to an Energy-Star qualified level. You can also earn a rebate with the purchase of a Smart Thermostat.
  4. In order to qualify for most home renovation rebates you must own a detached, semi-detached, town house or mobile home. You must also complete at least two eligible renovations.
  5. Remember that every renovation is different. When you’re gearing up for your home renovation project, contact an energy advisor to see if you are eligible for the rebate. In order to qualify, you must complete an energy assessment before and after the renovation.

Take The First Step

Make your next home renovation a success! Save money while earning rebates with Beverley Hills energy-efficient window and doors. Our elegant options will create a beautiful and sophisticated design. If you have any questions concerning the Home Renovation Rebate Program contact your local Union Gas or Enbridge Gas.

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