During the winter your exterior doors tend to get neglected, and we don't blame you. Whether you live in a new home development that is still within the construction phase, or off a country road, you know all too well how fast dirt can build up on your exterior doors. Give them a little TLC and they will look good as new in no time. Here are the top tips for cleaning exterior doors.

Dust Diligently

With a dry cloth or duster wipe around your doors hardware, glass inserts and in the crevices of the panels, or really anywhere that dust may settle. This will remove the excess buildup of dust and dirt and leave you with a more manageable task.

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum

While doing the above mentioned dusting, fire up a vacuum and keep it close to your dusting tool of choice! This will ensure all the dust and dirt doesn't land right back where it came from. Also, give your patio door tracks a quick once over with the vacuum to lift out unwelcome dirt and grime.

Solution Selection

Whether you chose to use your own all natural DIY solution or go with a store bought brand, now is the stage to introduce these products. Using a damp cloth wipe down the door with your product of choice, being sure to pay attention to high grime areas. When you've loosened all the dirt, rinse your cloth, wipe down the door and repeat until you've reached a clean finish.

Glistening Glass

If your exterior door is made of glass or has a glass insert, you will wanted to give these elements special attention with a designated glass cleaner. To get that sparkling, streak-free shine, opt to do this on a cloudy day, as direct sunlight will dry up the solution before you can wipe it away.

Handling Hardware

If you have opted for a custom hardware finish such as brass, you may want to invest in a specialized metal cleaning solution. This will ensure your hardware stays beautiful and un-tarnished for years to come.

Treating the Track

Like the icing on a cake, the final step to caring for your exterior door is to lubricate the track or hinges. This will keep them in tiptop shape and eliminate unwanted squeaks.

Cleaning and caring for your exterior doors will keep them in good working condition, but if you've noticed that they just aren't what they used to be call Beverley Hills Windows and Doors at 1-800-263-4515 or stop by one of our showroom locations. We'd be happy to walk through our exterior door collection with you.

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