Summer is in full swing, which means we’re all spending more time outdoors. With a little updating and creative thinking, you can make your patio the most popular space inside or outside your home.

Step 1: Pick the right patio furniture

When it comes to your patio, making the most of space is of utmost importance, especially if patio space is limited. The layout of your furniture should optimize the patio and provide room for what you love. Whether it’s a dining set or a sectional patio set, you want to create a flow of space that invites people to converse and relax. Your backyard can become a destination when different areas offer something to do. A fire pit to roast marshmallows or a barbecue are welcome additions to consider.

Think of outdoor furniture as an opportunity to define your style with unique colours and fabrics, and don’t forget to pick patio furniture that is comfortable and durable.

Step 2: Choose the right flooring

The right flooring can separate a welcoming summer retreat from a concrete oven. Some stonework or a repaving job could transform the look of your outdoor space and make it more inviting oasis. Outdoor deck and balcony tile are also an easy and affordable DIY project to improve flooring.

Step 3: Add function and flare with windows and doors

The most stylish decks and patios are their own living spaces and are often extensions of the adjoining interior space. The right door leading to the patio can make a big impact and feature as a focal point. While your patio may be located behind your home, the sliding glass door leading to it doesn’t need to be any less of a showstopper.

If you want to use your patio rain or shine you might want to consider an enclosed patio. Storm doors are a great way to protect your patio from the elements.

Windows and décor to accentuate them is another way to enhance the look of your backyard. A beautiful bay window can showcase your outdoor oasis and make a statement. Meanwhile, cute curtains or a windowsill shelf and garden add aesthetic appeal to any window.

Step 4: Set the mood with lighting

A simple string of lights hanging overhead can set the perfect tone for an evening outside, but the options don’t end there. You can further add ambiance to your patio with floor or table lamps, lanterns or pathway lights. Consider decorating small bushes or plants with battery-operated string lights too.

Step 5: Use flowers and greenery for the finishing touch

You can always plant some flowers or shrubbery along your deck, but if that isn’t an option there are some other ways to add a garden feel to your patio. Using planters is one easy way to create an instant garden. Available in a wide-array of colours and styles, pots and planters can be used to accentuate the vibe of your patio.

The perfect patio

By implementing even some of these suggestions, you are well on your way to creating the outdoor oasis or deck of your dreams. Get creative with design and décor, and most importantly consider what you’re looking for in a backyard. Beverley Hills Windows and Doors focuses on aesthetics and functionality – let us help you accentuate your outdoor living space by upgrading your patio windows and doors – Contact us for a quote today!

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