Windows: our home's connection to the outside world and the force that simultaneously keeps us cozy and protected from the exterior elements.

Naturally, great windows are one of the best investments you'll ever make in your home, but usually the people that are telling you that are window manufacturers and dealers, and of course, we're a little biased.

However, it's easy to stand behind this fact, because there are so many reasons that a fresh set of windows can breathe new life into your home.

Want us to name ways you'll benefit from brand new windows? We hoped you'd ask!

  • Get Comfy: There is no worse feeling than snuggling in for a winter weekend indoors and feeling the cold chill of pesky draft. If all of your windows are closed properly and you're still experiencing a cool breeze, the only way to banish it is by replacing your underperforming windows.
  • Instant Energy: When the insulation surrounding your windows is working as it should, the warm or cold air you have circulating will effectively stay inside where it belongs. Solid windows will reduce the energy you use to heat or cool your home and therefore reduce your energy bills at the same time.
  • Fade Away: Causing furniture and flooring fade is a troublesome trait of old windows. Windows with a fresh, impenetrable layer of UV protection will keep everything in your home free from damaging rays and have your valuable items remain that way.
  • Let There Be Light: Natural light has been proven to lift moods and boost immune systems, so it's a wonder why many people allow their windows throw shade on their interior life! Lighten up with some new windows that will improve your spirits and make your home look larger.
  • Safety First: Older windows that can be easily broken or opened are a major target for someone seeking a simple way into a home. Keeping your family and valuables safe make a new window purchase worth every penny.
  • Curb Appeal: It's usually easy to spot old windows from a mile away. Even the most dated exteriors and old-fashioned architecture will gorgeously benefit from the addition of a sleek set of windows. It's that easy to become the envy and pride of the neighborhood!
  • Raise the Resale: The fact that you made the investment in new windows and protected the integrity of your home is often the same reason others will invest in it as well. If you're looking to sell your home, a window upgrade makes for an instant boost in resale value.
  • Code Conformity: If you're renting or own commercial property, it's important to ensure your windows are up to code. There are often municipal regulations that must be adhered to, involving the amount or condition of your windows. Make sure your glass is all good before paying the price!

Those are just 8 ways you'll feel the benefits of new windows, but the list goes on!

Need more proof?

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