Are your windows due for replacement and you’re trying to understand more about the various types of window types that are available for you home?

In this article, we’ll cover what a casement window is, and explain some of its intricate features and functionality.

What is a casement window?

A casement window is a highly sought after style of window that utilizes a crank handle to open the window. Hinged at the side, a casement window opens outwards - functioning similarly to opening the cover on a book. Do you love having your windows open year round? The angled design of the open window is perfect for corralling the fresh outdoor breeze into your home.

Hardware 101

Casement windows feature a crank mechanism that when rotated sends the window panel outwards. Likewise to close the window, the user would rotate the crank in the opposite direction to bring the window back to its closed position. On many windows the crank handle collapses into itself when not in use, which allows for blinds or window covers to sit seamlessly within the window frame.

Keeping safety in mind, casement windows feature a locking mechanism that when engaged stops the window from being pried open. The lock is a lever that typically built into the frame. To unlock flip one way and enjoy the open window, or flip the opposite way to secure the window in a closed position.

Design Duty

Standing alone or paired with alternative window styles, the casement window is a top choice for many homeowners. Coming in a wide range of dimensions, you can select a casement window that showcases the height of your living room walls and cascades natural light into your home, or nest a smaller scale version above your kitchen sink for added ventilation. If you are looking to highlight an impeccable outdoor view, may we suggest a picture window flanked with a casement window on each side.

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