If you are looking for information about your window unit’s thermal edge spacers than you’ve come to the right place!

The first question we’re going to answer is “why are thermal edge spacers so important?” Essentially, thermal edge spacers greatly reduce the moisture that creeps into the window unit; therefore, they increase the overall energy efficiency of the window and your home in general. To learn more about thermal edge spacers versus warm edge spacers, read on!

Thermal Edge Spacer

The component that joins the two or three panes of your sealed window unit is referred to as a thermal edge spacer. Most commonly made of aluminum, this spacer has a high thermal transfer rating. What does that mean in simple terms? Aluminum is a conductive material that can bring the cold in at the edges of your window unit.

Warm Edge Spacer

Keeping up with new technology comes the introduction of the warm edge spacer. This component functions exactly like its thermal edge spacer counterpart, however it is made out of materials with low conductivity ratings. Why is it superior? A warm edge spacer can not only contribute to limited condensation build up on your window, but is also conducive to increasing your window’s energy efficiency rating.

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