If you've been window shopping, you've most likely heard of Low-E glass by now. If you haven't, you've been looking into the wrong windows!

Low-E glass is one of the most popular materials used to build windows today, known for its incredible solar and thermal performance.

Low-E, or "low emissivity" is referring to the surface condition that emits low levels of radiant thermal energy, and the way it becomes involved with windows is via a coating on the glass. This coating will minimize the amount of harmful ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through the glass, without actually compromising the visible light itself. That means less harmful rays kept out but no lack of natural light flowing in!

A simple way to understand Low-E without getting into the technical aspects is imagining it working in the same way a thermos does. It keeps what's warm, warm (like your home in the winter being heated on the inside) and what's cold, cold (like your home in the summer being cooled off by your A/C).

A question we've been asked before is, 'Can you tell by looking at my window, if it has Low-E coating?'

  • The best way to answer this is: The coating is thinner than a human hair, so it's not likely that you could ever tell and it's definitely not obstructive as you could imagine a coating might be.

Low-E coatings play a key role in the overall performance of your window and can drastically affect the costs of your heating, cooling and light bills. Ready to look into Low-E glass? Talk to the experts at Beverley Hills Windows and Doors and see what will work best for your home!

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