Good things come in threes, and that serves to be true even when it comes to windows.

Modern windows are being constructed more and more with three panes of glass instead of one or two, and this practice has been dubbed "triple glazing". Naturally, this will leave you wondering, is this the window treatment trifecta or just a costly new concept?

Here's is the benefit of triple glazing is the way to go:

Energy Efficiency

Triple glazed windows are ultimately utilized to enhance energy efficiency. The third window pane adds extra insulation and breaks up the space in between a standard double paned window to better lock in heat from escaping. The third layer also cuts down condensation and can increase the energy rating from your window anywhere from 20-30%. Windows with triple glazing can actually have the capacity to exceed the maximum "A" rating and can snag an "A+"

Higher efficiency means lower energy bills and more money in your pocket!

Increased Comfort

While the extra layer does bump up the price of the average window, it'll pay off tenfold.
Cold spots will be a thing of the past with triple glazing, due to the equal circulation of air between layers. Whatever temperature you set your thermostat to will be the temperature you experience, left unaffected by warm or cold air that usually sneaks in or out through a single or double layered window.

Additionally the third layer of glass is optimal for "thermal acoustic performance", which means outside noise levels will be cut dramatically and you'll get some peace and quiet!

Extra Security

Triple glazing drastically reduces the chances of an intruder being able to force open your windows and gain entry into your home. That extra layer acts as an added barrier, helps keep all layers more stable in the frame, and lets you sleep soundly knowing your family is protected by the power of three!

Plain and simply put, when it comes to sheets of window glass, the more the merrier.

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