It's a commonly known fact that "two is always better than one", but when it comes to window sashes, is this fact or fiction? If you're wondering the difference between single-hung & double-hung windows, we're here to fill you in.

The "hung" in single-hung and double-hung refers directly to the sashes (An assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame for holding glass) that are suspended in the window frame so that they're able to slide up and down.

In a single-hung window, one sash (usually the lower) is movable and in a double-hung, both sashes (the upper and lower) are movable up and down.

  • When it comes to deciding between the benefits of each window structures, here are the three factors to consider:


Single-hung windows are easier to make, of course, due to the sheer fact that they have less moving parts. Naturally, these won't be as expensive to manufacture as a double-hung window which on average costs about 10 to 20 percent more.

This won't seem like a huge price difference per window, but when a multiple windows are being installed it is a consideration you'll want to be aware of.


The more movement, the easier the clean. A double-hung allows sashes to go up, down, and inward, making for heightened access to the outside of the window. A single-hung window doesn't give the luxury of easy-clean access to exterior windows and it will require some inconvenient reaching through the lower opening. This won't be much of a problem if single-hung windows are located on ground level, as they can simple be cleaned from the outside with ease, but if they're upper-floor windows that get a lot of sun, double-hung windows are notable knockouts in this round.

Energy Efficiency

Here's where the catch with a double-hung window comes in. Although it gives better ventilation because of its dual sash movement, this allows for a higher possibility of unwanted air filtration through the window. A single-hung is less likely to experience air leakage as it's upper sash stays fixed in place, which means the window will be more energy efficient.

If you're still leaning towards double-hung windows though, while they are more vulnerable to leaks, a good quality one will come equipped with sashes that are designed to minimize these risks and remain tight.

As you can see, both single and double-hung windows have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to choosing which structure you'll add to your home, carefully consider which factors are most important to you so that your new windows will be conducive to your current lifestyle.

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