Out with old and in with the new...windows, that is!

Are you ready to fit your home with a fresh set of windows, but wondering when the best time to replace your windows?

The answer is simple: The prime time to for window replacement is when you as a homeowner are ready to do so, and here's why...

Seasonal Selection

  • With each season comes its own set of challenges; therefore, if home improvement companies waited for optimal conditions to undertake window and door projects, the waitlist for their services would be endless. Weather conditions can affect the installation process, but when adverse weather arises the true professionals will rise from the woodwork.

Limited Interruptions

  • Whether you are having a few windows replaced or overhauling the whole house, the interruption to your home's climate will be minor. During the peak of the summer and winter seasons, windows will only be changed one or two at a time in order to diminish the amount of internal heat/cold loss.

Benefits and Bounce Back

  • Similar to the electronic world, the technology of window and door production has continually evolved over the years. Modern windows are now composed of state of the art materials that are known for their energy efficient qualities. This means that the same features that sold you on springing for new windows, will also allow the in-house atmosphere to bounce back promptly post-window swap.

Now that we have settled your seasonal reservations, if you're ready to make the switch call the Beverley Hills Windows and Doors experts at 1-800-263-4515, or drop by a showroom location today!

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