Merging the balance of indoor comfort with outdoor beauty is a common feature of your home’s windows, but what happens when foggy windows are clouding your view?

Fog can occur in three different areas of your home’s windows. Let’s dive deeper into where fog can accumulate on your windows and what it means.

Fog on the Window’s Exterior

More commonly associated with the warmer months, this type of window fog occurs on hot and humid days when the temperature outside of you home sores higher than that of the interior. If you keep the interior climate of your home refreshingly cool in the scorching summer heat it will provide a radical enough temperature change to create fog on the exterior panes of your windows. A widely used reference to describe this occurrence would be the condensation that occurs on the outside of a drinking glass that contains your favourite cold summertime refreshments. The same principle that applies to your cup also applies to your home’s windows.

Interior Foggy Windows

If you’ve ever cooked a large holiday meal on a frigid winter day than you most likely have experienced this situation. Similar to the scenario mentioned above, when fog appears on the interior panes of your window it is due to an exorbitant temperature change between your home’s interior and exterior climate. Contributing to the fog on your windows is your home’s moisture level, and if you notice this is becoming a common occurrence, try running a dehumidifier to reduce interior moisture.

Foggy Double Pane Windows

Window technology now features double and triple paned windows that house an inert gas to boost your home’s insulation value. In order to keep this gas securely inside the window unit it is locked in via a window seal, and when this seal breaks it can allow moisture to enter the unit and create fog. Seal failure is a more prevalent occurrence on windows that are constantly basking in the sun. If you notice this happening in your home it is best to call in the window pros.

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