Welcome to the wonderful world of window maintenance. Windows are one of the biggest investments you will make as a homeowner, so maintaining their quality should be of utmost importance!

Windows play an integral role in your home's atmosphere including how much natural sunlight you get indoors, and your home's energy efficiency relies on well functioning windows. With that being said in order to protect your investment it is important to regularly care for and maintenance to keep your windows in top condition.

Consistently Clean Your Windows

While clean windows are more enjoyable to look through, they also help to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the frame, glass and screen. Ensuring the glass is cleaned regularly, both inside and out, will keep glass in good shape and limit potential for scratching. A few times a year it is beneficial to vacuum out the track of your window, as well as gently clean the screen and check for tears. Adding less prevalent maintenance items into your spring/fall cleaning task will keep windows clean, sparkling and debris free to ensure they stay in optimal working condition for years to come

Banishing Window Buildup

Whether it's dirt, debris or moisture building up on your window frames or the glass itself, keeping your windows free of any sort of build up is essential to maintaining the condition of your windows. This includes ensuring that drainage around your windows is sufficient so that water and debris isn't sitting on the ledge of the window. Your home's humidity can also play a part in moisture build up on your windows, especially in the winter. Reducing the humidity within your home can deter ice and moisture from building up.

Test Away

When conducting spring-cleaning it is beneficial to open and close all windows. Some windows in your home, especially areas that don't get utilized regularly, might develop issues with opening and closing. By testing these windows bi-yearly you can ensure that the window functions properly and is not damaged.

Weather Wise

Being conscious of the weather will help to extend the life of your windows. If it is a rainy day, ensuring that windows are closed will allow them to work properly in keeping the elements out. On a windy day it is important to keep your windows shut especially if they are casement or awning windows, as they have the potential to be damaged more by wind.

Keeping your windows in top condition will not only prolong their life, but also protect your wallet! If you have questions about the quality of your windows or would like to have a free in-home consultation, call a knowledgeable Beverley Hills Windows and Doors representative or visit a showroom location today!

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