Recognizing when your home’s windows need to be replaced is a delicate balance between weighing out the cost of repair versus the cost to replace.

Some of the elements that may run through a homeowner’s mind is identifying the age of the window, insulation value, and overall condition and performance. We know that choosing to replace your windows can be a daunting task, and we compiled a list of top ways to help you determine if you need to replace your windows.

Repair Vs. Replace

The most important factor in deciding to invest in new windows is cost! Some window issues are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix, and some are not. When weighing the cost of repairing or replacing windows it is important to recognize that your windows are an investment, and while it may be cheaper to repair, this is often a band aid solution that won’t hold up long term. If your window repairs are becoming costly than replacement is the best option and will save you money in the long run.

Failing Framework

If you own an older home with original windows, you may be faced with ailing framework, as older windows don’t stand up to the elements quite as well as new technology. By giving your windows a good clean a few times a year and keeping them in top condition you can slow down window deterioration, but if you find yourself with rotting framework or deteriorating components than it is more cost effect to replace your windows. New technology is made out of durable materials that are manufactured to stand up to the test of time. Additionally, replacing your windows gives you the perfect opportunity to access the framing of the opening. This will allow you to ensure the opening is perfectly square and level, as well as allowing for you to amp up the insulation around the window and reseal the opening.

Amplifying Energy Efficiency

What better reason to replace your windows than to lower your home’s heating and cooling costs. With energy prices on the rise in Ontario, homeowners are more conscious of energy costs than ever before. Year after year with new window technology comes higher energy efficiency ratings. When investing in new windows it is important to understand that while the initial cost may be higher, the purchase can produce lower energy bills long-term.

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