If you think a window is just a piece of glass, think again! There are actually many traditional window styles available, and although they fundamentally have the same purpose, the different styles offered can cater specifically to the look or function that you are going for.

Casement Windows

With a clear view of the great outdoors, casement windows are a popular choice for many homeowners. With just the pivot of a handle, casement windows swing open to reveal an unobstructed view of the outdoors so that you can both enjoy sleek sightlines and breathe in some fresh air with ease!

Slider Windows

Slider windows come in both horizontal and vertical sliding formations.

The standard choice for most newer homes, single-hung slider windows are classic, cost-efficient crowd-pleasers. A single-hung slider window has a bottom panel that moves vertically and a stationary top sash with a tilt feature that allows for easy cleaning and better ventilation.

Want to add some more movement? Consider double-hung slider windows! Both the top and bottom sashes open up, with the option of opening on a tilt for increased ventilation and easy cleaning.

Bay & Bow Windows

Add some dramatic flair to your home with a bay or bow window! A bay window consists of protruding glass formations that come out from the walls of a home, forming a sharp-angled bay. Its counterpart, a bow window, is when the hard angles of a bay window are swapped for smooth, protruding curves. With their graceful angles and arches, bay and bow windows dramatically increase the look of your space!

Picture/Fixed Windows

Embrace the sunlight with a picture or fixed window! A cost-effective way to allow natural light into dimmer areas, fixed windows are best in long hallways and at the end of stairwells. Along with brightening up a space, picture and fixed windows can also make a small area seem larger, the natural sunlight they bring adding a welcoming tone to any space. Although these windows typically don't open, casement or awning windows can be added to create a picturesque space with the addition of functionality and ventilation.

Awning Windows

Perfect to place below or above other windows, awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards, providing extra light and ventilation. An easily-manoeuvrable handle allows the window to glide open, making it the perfect pair for a window that doesn't open.

California Shutters

Block out the light without blocking out style! California Shutters bring both elegance and practicality, adding character to your home while blocking out the sun's harsh rays. Made from the same high quality vinyl as our windows, these interior shutters are practically maintenance-free. Additionally, with a well-crafted louvre design and tilt rod operation, you can fine tune your light and privacy preferences!

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