You may be asking yourself, what is a full frame window replacement? We're glad you asked. A full frame window replacement requires the entire existing window to be removed prior to the installation of the new unit.

Advantages of a full frame replacement window are numerous, including:

  • Enhanced U-value: Lower your energy bills through the installation of new windows, as newer window technology provides better insulation properties represented by U-value. With U-value the lower the number the higher the level of insulation.
  • Raised R-value: When conducting a full frame window replacement you are able to access the rough opening of the framing that allows you to up the insulation value surrounding the frame. R-value, like U-value, represents the level of insulation. However with R-value the higher the number the better insulation value.
  • Just Like New: A full frame window replacement is the closest you can get to new construction. This method of window replacement allows for squaring of the frame, replacement of the sill and interior casing.

When would you complete a full frame window replacement:

  • Meet Fire Code Requirements: If you have an older home, are concerned about fire code, or renovating to include a self contained apartment then you may find yourself having a full frame window installed.
  • Out of Date Technology: As your home ages you may find your energy bills escalating. Older windows can have lower insulation ratings, and also may have developed small areas where outside air can enter your home. Replacing old windows will increase your home's insulation value and in-turn lowers your energy costs.
  • Frame Replacement: This is the best choice if your existing window frames are deteriorating. At times frames can be repaired but if they are beyond that than your home is the perfect candidate for a full frame replacement window.

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