Welcome to the wonderful world of sifting through the endless collections of replacements windows for your home.

Deciding which type of windows you should invest your money in is no easy feat and understanding all the variations of window materials can be overwhelming. We’re here to take the guesswork out of the comparison between vinyl and aluminum replacement windows. Window variations each have their own strengths. Read on to learn more

Windows with Durable Design

  • Vinyl Windows

    Vinyl replacement windows are a popular choice for their overall pleasant appearance and come in a vast amount of finishing options which make them the perfect addition to any style of home. Being that they are made with finishes that are the same throughout contributes to this type of replacement window being able to withstand chips and minor wear without diminishing its aesthetic.

  • Aluminum Windows

    Coming with an availability to be purchased in larger dimensions, this replacement window type is a great choice for homeowners wishing to replace even their largest windows. While their sleek frame is eye appealing it does not stand up to wear and tear as well when comparing to vinyl replacement windows.

Colourful Appearance

  • Vinyl Windows

    The crowd pleasing appearance of realistic wood grain finishes available with vinyl windows is just one of the main benefits that accompany this type of replacement window. While they are offered in a multitude of colour options, vinyl replacement windows cannot be painted which makes their future matching capabilities less than that of their aluminum counterparts.

  • Aluminum Windows

    Your exact colour match has met its perfect match! Aluminum windows paint-ability allow them to be precisely colour matched to fit your home's exterior vision perfectly. However, if a wood grain finish is your dream than this window variation is not as conducive to a woodsy appearance as its vinyl equal.

Energy and Expenditures

  • Vinyl Windows

    As an industry leader in energy efficiency performance, the vinyl replacement window will not only give you a positive return on your investment with lower energy bills, but will cost you less initially.

  • Aluminum Windows

    Coming in slightly behind their competition, aluminum replacement windows need a thermal break in order to put them in the energy efficiency running alongside vinyl windows which in turn costs more money bringing them in as the more costly option.

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