Are your windows tough to close and not sliding as seamlessly as they used to?

As windows age their parts may begin to not move as easily as they used to, however, you don't notice this until it's too late. To prevent window deterioration and prolong the life of your windows, regular maintenance is recommended. Different window types can have different reasons for rough opening and closing. We've broken them down by window type for you below.

Hung Windows
Hung windows movement can be impacted by dirt and debris within the track. Build up of these materials causes friction and increased friction can result in difficult opening and closing.
This can be resolved by the track being cleaned and lubricated. If this doesn't resolve your issue than you may want to consult a window expert to assist you in repair or replacement.

Awning & Casement Windows
Awning and casement windows have two common reasons that they may difficult to open and close. The most easily identifiable issue is the hinges. By cleaning and lubricating the hinges you may find your windows glide more gracefully.
Another cause of concern could be a loose screw. To find out if this is the culprit or not you can remove your windows sashes to reveal the windows hardware. If you are unsure of how to remove the sash, your owner's manual will be able to guide you.

Sliding Windows
Similar to hung windows, sliding windows may have difficulty being opened and closed due to debris in the track. Sliding windows utilize rollers as a sliding track system to open and close.. Cleaning this hardware often will help relieve your opening issues.

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