Window treatments can be quite a design challenge and are often neglected. Whether you want to add a subtle compliment to a room or make a statement, it can be hard to wrap your head around which window treatment to choose. From vertical blinds to window curtains, there’s one window treatment tip that’s always in style: using a window treatment that allows a lot of natural light in.

Set aside style considerations for a moment; function comes first and will limit your window treatment choices, which will help make your decision easier in the end.

As a supplier of quality windows, Beverley Hills Windows and Doors understands that purchasing windows is one of the most important purchases you can make for your home, so give them some love with these tips to enhance your windows with coverings:

Choose a curtain with class

Drapes add softness and work well in rooms with space on both sides of the window for the hardware to extend and the drapes to fall against the wall and trim, leaving most of the window open to let the light in.

Window Treatment Tip: When hanging curtains, it’s all about proportion; panel curtains should just graze the floor and if tiebacks are used, they should be placed above or below the center of the window.

Shut out light without shutting out style

If you’re looking to gain some privacy, try installing shutters. Beverley Hills Windows and Doors California Shutters, which are virtually maintenance free, can add character and to the home and block out harsh rays.

Blind your guests with beauty

Choosing between vertical or horizontal blinds? If you want a long-term, classic blind, choose a neutral colour (similar to the colour of the window trim) and you can never go wrong! If you’re working in a modern space with large windows or sliding doors, vertical blinds work best.

Opportunities with organic accents

Want to maintain your view of the outdoors? Bringing natural elements indoors is no longer a trend – it’s part of the evolution of design. Try a natural woven shade made from bamboo or matchstick to bring in diffused light, while allowing you to see outside.

Relax with roman shades

Made from a single piece of fabric, Roman shades, characterized by the curvature of their bottoms, help soften a window's harsh lines and are ideal for traditional-style rooms or those packed with feminine decor.

Window Treatment Tip: If you’re not into the relaxed style, flat roman blinds, which rest against the window, are a great alternative. They welcome patterned fabrics since there are no horizontal seam obstructions.

Layered Treatments

Dressing windows with more than one layer increases energy efficiency, privacy and light filtering while adding more visual interest to the room. Achieve theatre darkness with a layered roman shade and floor-to-ceiling draperies, especially in a TV or media room!

Window Treatment Tip: Silver, bronze and gold are back. Try layering metallic fabrics with sheers to make a statement in living rooms and bedrooms or incorporate this look using stainless steel curtain rods.

Always consider how much light you are willing to give up and choose a window treatment that is durable and compliments the space.

Visit your local Beverley Hills showroom to find the window that’s right for you and your space.

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