A window cornice board is a great way to further beautify those nice new windows you have without breaking the bank. If you love your window, but you’re looking for a different way to showcase your window treatments, then this DIY cloth window cornice board is a perfect way to cover up your curtain rods!

Step 1: The Frame

First, measure the window – including the trim, and add about 2 inches to each side (4 inches in total). This will be the length of the cornice board. Next, head to your local hardware store and buy any type of wood you’d like – using cheaper materials is fine as we will be covering it anyway. Ensure you have the length discussed above, and enough wood for the side pieces as well (it will depend on personal taste and the width of your curtain rod, but we’ll say around 5 inches).

Then simply screw the side pieces to the larger piece to create a |_____| shaped wooden frame. Place the side pieces against the window to ensure it is the right length and width for the window you want to use it for. If it is, proceed to step 2:

Step 2: Give it the Cushion Feel

First, get a hold of some quilt batting (a soft polyester material) that will add a cushion like quality to the cornice board. Ensure you have enough to cover the entire wooden frame with enough to wrap around, kind of like gift wrapping a present, and using a staple gun, secure the batting along the back of the board.

TIP: When building this cornice board, it is very important to remember that even though there is a “front” and a “back” to it, anyone peeking up your window will be able to see the “back” of it, so ensure it looks good!

Step 3: The Look

Now that you have the body, you can look at choosing a fashionable fabric that suits your home and the colour of the curtain. Feel free to choose a nice pattern – but if you do be careful to line up the pattern with the edge of the board nicely so you do not end up with a crooked-looking pattern!

Once you have a fabric that you like, buy a large enough amount of fabric to cover the length of the entire piece including the side pieces without cutting, wide enough to double the width of the board, and add more on each side for safety. Now iron out any fold and wrinkles, and lay it out (front of fabric facing down), and lay the board on top. Pull the fabric along the top edge of the cornice and staple it in the middle of the back - every inch of so - holding the fabric in place as you go. Remember to consistently lift the board up and ensure the fabric is looking good, before stapling too much. Reposition it as needed, and then after the top is secured cut the excess fabric. Continue these steps for the bottom as well – remembering to keep the fabric tight.

TIP: Staples are easily removed so don’t fret if you don’t get it right the first time! Take out the staples and try again, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Cut the excess fabric again. Once the top and bottom sides of the fabric have been secured and staples along the middle of the back, you’ll need to attach the sides as well. Pull the fabric along the side pieces, and secure in the middle while ensuring the corners of the fabric long the bottom are folded neatly and bunched up.

Next, take the extra fabric pieces you have and staple or glue along the back to cover staples or irregularities of your cuts, and create nice uniform feel.

Hanging Tips

There are lots of ways to hang these boards, so it comes down to personal preference – you could drill it directly from the back, buy hanging rings and attach to a small wooden block, or create holes along the side pieces to fit over top of screws. Just be sure that it is secured properly, and level. We find attaching a small block with hanging D rings along the back inside of the board creates and easy and secured fit for screws.

TIP: be sure that the cornice board is level in relation to the window frame, not necessarily level to the ground - depending on the build or age of your home, these could be slightly different things.

And done! You have yourself a beautiful homemade fabric cornice board that matches your unique style and showcases those beautiful windows. If you wish to learn more about what Beverley Hills can do for rejuvenating your home, contact us and request a quote!

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