To repair or replace - that is a great question! If you are concerned about the quality and energy efficiency than read on for some tips and insights on repairing vs. replacing your current windows.

Repair Report
Regular window care and maintenance can increase the longevity of your windows and make repairs simple when caught early. When deciding to repair vs. replace windows it is important to weigh out cost of repair over cost of replacement. Here are several instances when your window can be repaired.

  • Weather Stripping Worries: If you've noticed the caulking or weather stripping around your windows in rough shape you can remove the old product and replace it. Caution -t this is quick fix and may only yield short term results, so keep an eye on your windows and replace when necessary.
  • Reversing Rotting: You're cleaning your exterior windows, and all of a sudden small parts the sash or frame starts to crumble before your eyes. This is a pretty clear indication that your windows are beginning to rot. This happens in older wooden windows and if caught early enough can be fixed by replacing the damaged components, however, this option requires regular upkeep.
  • Honing Hardware: Many windows have hardware components such as cranks and latching mechanisms. When their functionality begins to falter but your window is still in good condition, it is worth it to research replacement parts.

Replacement Recognition
Making the choice to outfit your home with a brand new set of windows is a decision that you don't make lightly. Window replacement is not only an investment into your home's value, but the comfort of its occupants (that's you!).

  • Fighting Fog: If you are constantly battling a buildup of fog in between the panes of glass then it is time to look into replacing your windows. New windows are engineered with Low-e coating and often filled with an inert gas, such as argon, that aid in energy efficiency and eliminate fogging.
  • Recognizing Rot: Damaged and decaying windows are certainly an eye sore, but more importantly a huge indicator that they need to be swapped out for new windows. Once rotting begins it is a very hard process to slow down. Opting to replace old windows with new vinyl windows will ease worries and put an end to costly maintenance.
  • Definitely Drafty: Is it drafty in here or is it just your windows? First, perform simple draft tests that can be found in our Ditch the Draft blog. Next, if you've found significant drafts then it's time to look into replacement windows. Drafts can drastically impact your home's energy efficiency and result in increased heating and cooling costs.
  • Considering Costs: Over time older windows become less and less efficient, meaning you are paying for heating and cooling technology that is likely escaping through your windows. Modern windows have been designed with this in mind! New windows embrace highly energy efficient technology and in the long term will pay off through reduce energy costs and increased home value. That's a win-win!

When deciding whether to repair or replace it is important to weigh both the short and long term benefits. While replacing your windows may seem costly, they're a long-term investment that result in energy savings and increased home comfort. At Beverley Hills Windows and Doors we have financially flexible payment plans available and will work with you to meet your budgetary needs so that you and your home are comfortable every step of the way.

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