The walls of your home shelter you and your loved ones weather, and give you a sense of protection. The colour you choose, maintain and update gives your house a unique identity - making it truly yours.

As the seasons go on, siding can take a beating and become deteriorated. Although good quality vinyl/aluminum siding should last, a paint refresher every couple of years can really help your place looking its best.

Vinyl and aluminum siding are vastly different when it comes to best practices for painting, so here are some tips on how to receive the best outcome to keep your home looking beautiful!

Tip One: Preparation

Although it may seem tedious, giving your siding a thorough scrub down is a necessity before applying the new paint. We often forget, but with all of the different weather conditions are siding experiences on the daily, it’s easy for mold and dirt to build up. However, when going about cleaning vinyl vs aluminum siding there are different procedures one must take. For example, when cleaning vinyl a hose/power-wash just won’t cut it. Good old elbow grease is needed to get the job done. We recommend using a cloth or lightly bristled brush, with a mix of laundry detergent, laundry bleach and water to act as a cleaner. For aluminum siding, power washing is completely suitable!

Tip Two: The perfect time to paint and what paint you should use.

We know that majority of homeowners just want to get the job done and spend their summer days enjoying the beautiful weather. However, choosing the right day to paint is crucial to the finished quality of the paint job. It is recommended that you wait for a day that is mild heat and low humidity with an overcast to avoid any mishaps in the drying process.

When going about your paint buying decision, ingredients matter! Aluminum requires a primer with an oil-base and not latex primer. The reason for this is latex has ammonia in it, which produces a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with aluminum. The result: gas bubbles that will ruin your paint job! Vinyl doesn’t require primer, we recommend looking into buying a paint that includes acrylic and urethane. Why? These materials help the coating stick!

You may be wondering, what siding material is the better choice?

Vinyl and aluminum siding installations are large projects, but not overly complicated ones! Both have their individual benefits to consider deciding which material you should move forward with for your home. For instance, both are low maintenance. Vinyl can withstand salt, scratches, dents, uv rays and extreme weather conditions. Aluminum also protects your family from the unpredictable weather as well as insect infestation, and can even be fire-resistant depending on the product you choose. With all this valuable information, we hope we have given you the motivation to kick-start your siding revamp!

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